We are your hosts, Susan Pazdzior and Ken Heavyside.

We are so happy to have you stay with us! We are your hosts, Susan Pazdzior and Ken Heavyside. When first we saw Deep Bay, we were looking for a vacation home. It didn’t take long for “the lure of the wild” to grab us, hook, line and sinker. We resigned from our jobs, sold our Vancouver home, and made the permanent leap to live in our own little piece of paradise.

We are a hearing/Deaf couple and are fluent in English and ASL (American Sign Language). We love the outdoors and the natural beauty that surrounds us here. We have a very large blue Great Dane named Sherlock (who is not very bright, but seems you can have beauty or brains: and we know where Sherlock landed….).

We very much look forward to welcoming you into our home. Should you feel more comfortable signing your message, rather than writing it, please email us your contact information at [email protected] and we will let you know the best number to FaceTime and have an ASL conversation.

Once again, we are so happy you’ve chosen to visit our site, and welcome to Deep Bay!